General Litigation

Our attorneys understand that in every representation, they must work diligently to understand our client’s position. Balancing the facts of each case with the needs and demands of the client, we conduct extensive but efficient discovery in order to gain a complete understanding of the case. Our attorneys utilize discovery, rules of procedure and rules of evidence to aggressively seek pre-trial disposition of cases whenever appropriate. Throughout the investigation and discovery process, we actively work with our clients to formulate the best trial strategy based upon the individual facts of each case.


We have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in automobile-related personal injury accidents. The use and/or operation of an automobile can result in injuries or create liability concerns and personal liability exposure. Our team addresses motor vehicle cases by evaluating the liability of the accident itself and obtaining an early understanding of how or why the accident happened. We also defend issues related to the alleged injury and whether it relates to the occurrence or a result of another accident or cause. Our lawyers have represented individuals and insurance carriers regarding simple property damage claims to serious injuries with large economic loss claims.


Our lawyers have extensive experience defending property owners from claims arising from their premises. Whether one operates a business or owns a home, there are circumstances that can create concerns related to the ownership of property. As a business owner or property owner, one can expect that someone may claim that property is not safe. Potential claims include a person tripping or falling on the property due to an alleged dangerous condition causing injury, illegal activities or security issues.