Mission, Values & Promises

At Adelman Law Firm, our Mission is to provide superior, professional, quality service and deliver outstanding value to our clients. To do so, we provide zealous legal advocacy to our clients and strive for favorable outcomes, whether in court or through settlements, mediation or arbitration. Additionally, we find it essential to collaborate with our clients to develop strategies to obtain a favorable outcome. By keeping open lines of communication with our clients and acting proactively, we can more easily work toward the goal of favorable, value-driven outcomes, which clear the path to success.

Our Core Values reflect that “we” supersedes “me.” Our clients’ interests are treated as though they are our own. We maintain open, honest and direct communication. And, we have team goals and successes, not individual agendas. We treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy. We are accountable for our clients and colleagues. We acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. We do more with less. We embrace and drive change. We share our success with the team. We create fun and encourage a little weirdness. We nurture creativity, passion, open-mindedness and determination. We encourage continual personal growth and learning – striving for continuous improvement. We ask everyone to be part of building a positive team and family spirit. We require humility. We have a social responsibility to our team and our community. Our attorneys offer perspective, strategy, options, opportunity, education, validation, advice, challenge, enthusiasm, feedback and solutions.

Our Promise to our clients is that we will always listen and deliver superior legal advice and services beyond expectations for the best value.

At Adelman Law Firm, this Promise includes our goal of reconnecting the value and cost of legal services. We take pride in our client relationships and desire to align our interests with those of our clients. With an understanding of the client’s business and goals, we are committed to a high degree of transparency about how legal work will be done, who will do it, strategies to be employed, the business and legal risks of each strategy, expected outcomes and flexible fee arrangements that meet the client’s needs. We hold each other accountable to these principles, as well as to the mission of our firm and for the work ethic necessary to maintain them. We will embody the standards of competence, professionalism, and integrity, and we will cultivate the trust and respect of our clients and colleagues. 

Our Promise to each other at Adelman Law Firm is to provide services with the highest level of ethics and professional standards. This includes:

  • Being a congenial place to work where our team cares for our work and for each other
  • Service to the profession and to the public
  • Diversity being more than an aspiration
  • Empowering women in the workplace
  • Servant leadership and active management
  • Having team members with integrity, humor, diligence, honesty and strong communication skills
  • Operating as a team; as one firm; where the client’s and the firm’s interests are more important than an individual’s interests
  • Embodying an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Accountability to our clients through responsible budgets, reducing extraneous costs, adding value and using the right outside experts and vendors judiciously
  • Continuity planning to create a future for those who will come after us
  • Remaining organizationally flat and avoiding bureaucracy
  • An open and timely feedback loop