Medical Malpractice

Adelman Law Firm attorneys and professional team have extensive experience in successfully representing health care providers - including physicians, nurses, dentists and hospitals - against claims of medical negligence. Our goal is to manage litigation in cost-effective ways, assert successful defenses, recognize the needs of the insurer and the need to limit exposure through early case management, while balancing the professional reputations of the insured that are at risk. Through these methods, Adelman Law Firm has achieved exceptional results in defending medical malpractice claims. Our aggressive approach to defending our clients keeps the majority of our cases from reaching the trial stage. For cases that must be tried, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to try them to verdict with a jury or to judgment with an arbitrator.

long-term care and aging services

Adelman Law Firm attorneys and professional teams defend long-term care facilities, other aging services providers and real estate investors, as well as their leadership in state and federal courts throughout Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Rebecca Adelman has been a leader in defending senior care providers for nearly thirty years, from the beginning of the increase in long-term care and nursing home litigation. Our attorneys have been successful in mediation, arbitration and trial in the long-term care setting by developing superior defense models. Adelman Law Firm not only provides advocacy and litigation services, but also a broad range of risk-prevention and risk-management services to mitigate the risk specific to the aging services industry. 

Our attorneys have successfully represented skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), assisted living and senior housing communities, home care agencies, hospices and adult day health care providers. We assist our clients in navigating the complexity of the regulatory, litigation and insurance climate of the long-term care industry. Whether defending a negligence claim or responding to surveyors, this practice group has the experience and expertise to successfully represent the unique interests of the long-term care client.

From the outset, our attorneys strategize and work with clients to devise an innovative, individualized approach to litigation that effectively leverages our experience. It is our goal to implement best practices for early case assessment of the clinical and legal issues. Through interviewing staff, conducting site visits, evaluating medical records, and communicating with our clients, we are able to determine how to pursue early resolution and develop defense strategies. 

Our experienced team goes beyond our attorneys. Adelman Law Firm offers high value to our clients by utilizing experienced paralegals and nurses who are exclusively dedicated to assisting in the analysis and defense of long-term care defense matters. 

Professional Liability and E&O

Each day, people hire professionals – including lawyers, accountants, technology professionals and engineers – with an expectation of professionalism and experience and a high level of confidence in their abilities and credentials. When the results do not match the person's expectations – regardless of the circumstances – the most common response is to blame the professional and sue.

It's our job to protect and defend these professionals, helping them manage the risks inherent to their particular profession, and advising and representing them if the need arises. We serve a wide variety of clients, including legal, accounting, engineering, intellectual technology and architecture concerns. Successfully defending general and professional liability claims is a benchmark of our firm. Our attorneys provide litigation and alternative dispute resolution, advisory and consulting services and appellate practice to our general and professional liability primary and excess insurer clients in the areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Construction Law, General/Local & Outside Counsel, General & Professional Liability, Long-Term Care & Aging Services, Rental Purchase Law, Risk Management and Worker’s Compensation. We collaborate across practices to provide integrated services to our clients, making the best use of our resources to provide effective and efficient solutions and the most favorable outcomes.

From publicly held firms to small partnerships to sole proprietorships, we have the specialized experience and expertise to help our clients avoid, manage and survive litigation. Whether a professional liability client’s ultimate goal is seeing a trial through to victory or reaching a favorable, negotiated settlement, our attorneys have the legal skills, industry-specific knowledge and background and ethical grounding to make it happen. 

Employment & Labor Law

Adelman Law Firm provides a wide range of legal counsel to employers throughout the tri-states in the area of labor and employment matters. We strive to partner with employers to provide advice in every aspect of the employment relationship, including hiring and contractual issues, employee compensation and benefits, policy and procedure review and drafting, leave issues and discipline and termination issues. We also offer employee and management training to help our clients stay current on the ever-changing requirements applicable to employers. Our goal is to help employers avoid litigation with timely advice on the myriad of laws and regulations that apply to the employer-employee relationship. 

If you cannot avoid litigation or find yourself the target of an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or another governmental entity, Adelman Law Firm has the experience to help.  Our attorneys have the experience to handle all types of labor and employment litigation, whether you are faced with a collective action or a small single-plaintiff case. 

General Litigation

Our attorneys understand that in every representation, they must work diligently to understand our client’s position. Balancing the facts of each case with the needs and demands of the client, we conduct extensive but efficient discovery in order to gain a complete understanding of the case. Our attorneys utilize discovery, rules of procedure and rules of evidence to aggressively seek pre-trial disposition of cases whenever appropriate. Throughout the investigation and discovery process, we actively work with our clients to formulate the best trial strategy based upon the individual facts of each case.


We have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in automobile-related personal injury accidents. The use and/or operation of an automobile can result in injuries or create liability concerns and personal liability exposure. Our team addresses motor vehicle cases by evaluating the liability of the accident itself and obtaining an early understanding of how or why the accident happened. We also defend issues related to the alleged injury and whether it relates to the occurrence or a result of another accident or cause. Our lawyers have represented individuals and insurance carriers regarding simple property damage claims to serious injuries with large economic loss claims.


Our lawyers have extensive experience defending property owners from claims arising from their premises. Whether one operates a business or owns a home, there are circumstances that can create concerns related to the ownership of property. As a business owner or property owner, one can expect that someone may claim that property is not safe. Potential claims include a person tripping or falling on the property due to an alleged dangerous condition causing injury, illegal activities or security issues.

Insurance Defense

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with brokers, underwriters and claim professionals in the insurance market. Our firm has handled several matters on behalf of various insurance companies, and our attorneys understand how this unique market works.  We represent clients in state and federal courts across the country in almost every facet of insurance coverage, including legal opinions, declaratory judgment actions and bad-faith defense.


Commercial & Corporate Law

Adelman Law Firm advises clients on the formation, operation, liquidation, merger, purchase, reorganization and sale of business entities, as well as day-to-day operational issues. We represent every type of business, including a significant number of professional corporations throughout the Southeast, and we are involved in all legal aspects of such entities. Our representation of partnerships includes general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and family partnerships.


Risk Reduction and  Loss Avoidance

Adelman Law Firm employs a proactive approach to identify and implement risk-reduction strategies. Our Certified Litigation Management Professional collaborates with insurance companies and corporate legal and risk-management departments to develop effective litigation avoidance protocols, early intervention resolution strategies and cost-conscience, results-oriented litigation planning. Analyzing the potential legal implications of future trends, emerging issues and responding to litigation threats allows our clients to safeguard against economic loss, property damage and personal injury. Our clients have access to the firm’s experience in complex litigation in multiple practice areas and latest industry information, as well as best practices to assist with risk management.

Public Entity Defense

Adelman Law Firm provides defense and risk management services to several governmental entities, governmental employees and private entities that provide governmental services for and on behalf of governmental entities. 

With regard to civil rights litigation and risk management, our attorneys aid clients by assisting in the development and implementation of policies and procedures to prevent liability. Additionally, our attorneys conduct timely and efficient investigations to limit or eliminate potential exposure after suit has been filed. Litigation under federal civil rights statutes such as Section 1983, Section 1985, or the Civil Rights Act, can be a web of often procedural, but also substantive, rules that our attorneys are well-equipped to handle, effectively and efficiently.  Generally, federal and state tort claims acts expose otherwise immune governmental entities to liability and allow recovery for individuals injured by governmental entities and their employees. Adelman Law Firm attorneys regularly defend governmental entities, as well as their contractors and employees in the tri-states, including Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Adelman Law Firm represents clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, including mediations and arbitrations. We understand that ADR often presents unique opportunities for parties to take charge of legal disputes and conclude what otherwise would be lengthy, unpredictable and costly litigation.

Rebecca Adelman received extensive training in mediating disputes and is a Rule 31-listed mediator by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Litigation can often be a costly process and become time-consuming. Trials are not always the most advantageous ways to resolve disputes. Our attorneys seek to optimize case outcomes while managing the costs, time and stress of a lawsuit. Our lawyers evaluate the most appropriate and effective strategies to reach clients’ goals. 

Special and General COunsel

Adelman Law Firm also offers services as Special and General Counsel to various types of companies, including long-term care providers, as well as insurance companies. Through our position as Special and General Counsel, we provide a full range of services including litigation management and risk management, aimed at reducing risk at all levels of the company. 

 Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Insurance

There are a multitude of risks in the businesses and segments of this specialized practice area that includes sports,  entertainment, leisure businesses (amusement parks, special events), gaming and other venues. The firm defends contingency, liability,  property and automobile claims for gaming venues, sports arenas and entertainment venues, trampoline courts, swap meets, water parks and other special event centers. The firm also offers risk mitigation, loss and safety solutions for client exposures.