ACTS2 Caregiver Project: Effective Communication and Creative Problem Solving for Family Caregivers of Loved Ones w Dementia in Long-Term Assisted Care

This workshop provides practical information to family caregivers about establishing effective communication with staff and administration in assisted care, negotiating treatment-related problems, and ensuring good quality service for their loved ones with dementia.

Workshop presenters, Attorneys Rebecca Adelman and Heather Bornstein, leaders in the field of assisted care, will cover key topics, such as how to maintain good working relationships with staff and administration, best methods for communicating care taking concerns, and how to manage legal difficulties and risks.

ViElla Balloon-Lindsey, family caregiver, will share her personal experiences and lessons learned in supporting her mother with dementia in long-term assisted care.

Tomeka Norton-Brown, ACTS2 Project Coordinator, will provide information about faith-based skills training and support for dementia caregivers, as well as local, state and national dementia care resources.

Current and future caregivers, elder care professionals, and other interested community members are strongly encouraged to join the workshop.

Sponsors for this workshop are the African-American Alzheimer’s Caregiver Training and Support Project 2 (ACTS2) and Resources & Education for Aging, Community and Health (REACH).

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