Managing Business and Caregiving: Top 10 Transferable Skills with Rebecca Adelman

Did you know that there’s a connection between your role as a caregiver and entrepreneur?

In this week’s episode of the Caregiving & Entrepreneurship Reimagined Podcast, I chat with Caregiver and Lawyer Rebecca Adelman about 10 overlapping skills that you need both as a caregiver and business owner.

Get ready to reimagine your caregiving and entrepreneurial journey in a whole new way!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master time management as a caregiver and take control of your schedule.
  • Navigate the legal and financial aspects of caregiving with confidence and ease.
  • Build a strong support network to make caregiving more manageable and fulfilling.
  • Implement stress management strategies to thrive as an entrepreneur while caring for others.
  • Cultivate empathy to enhance your caregiving and entrepreneurial skills.

Rebecca has been a defense lawyer for 30+ years, specializing in claims, risk management, and thought leadership in senior living healthcare. She’s developed proactive litigation strategies and national programs that have improved the course of senior living and care delivery. She devotes her life to improving the quality of healthcare for our elders and provides a national certification and educational program for senior living providers, called Guide Path.

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