Bridge the Gap 2024 Announcement

🔊 Now I know how a #1 draft pick feels! I am excited to join the Bridge The Gap The Senior Living Podcast team and be a role player. #BTG exposes the most pressing issues around Senior Care ranging from the owner/operator to the resident by informing, educating, and influencing the culture of Senior Living. From the BTG show hosted by Josh A. Crisp and Lucas McCurdy Senior Living Fan 📣, to the Contributors Series, to the ActivitiesStrong Initiative led by Linked Senior, to Raising Tech and Industry Spotlights, this is one of the best playbooks in the league.

🥇Listen to Kyle Gardner with NIC MAP Vision discuss data trends;
🥇Jamie Korzan, MBA talks about Intergenerational Success Stories;
🥇Alan Plush shares about senior housing valuation; and
🥇Lisa McCracken gives us a preview of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) spring conference that’s just ahead.

Check out the entire Ambassador lineup at

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